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The 11th Fab Labs Congress.

Project presentation image. Floating mobiles with some screen examples of the app.


Mobile Application - iOS & Android


Jul - Aug 2015


The brief was to create a small promotional app for a Fab Labs event in three weeks. Apps main sections should be a schedule page, the venues where the talks take place, the attendees' list and a guide map.

My role

It was the first app project that I faced from start to end in both iOS and Android and they also gave me complete freedom on taking design decisions. I had to be in close collaboration with devs because the project timings were very short and we decided to see how fast we could make an app only applying native components (response is two weeks).

What I learned

Although I don't like how it looks nowadays, this project is a bit special for me because it will always be 'my' first app and I also learnt how much value has collaboration on teams.

More information

Check more about the project at the following link.

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